Pushing Forward

For he had healed many, so that those with diseases were pushing forward to touch him. – (Mark 3:10)

People from all over Israel came to see Jesus to witness his power. They knew that there was something about Him that gave hope for healing. The number of people was so large that Jesus had to have a boat ready in order to have space for himself away from the crowd. But the persistence of those seeking Him was evident.

Are we pushing forward to get a hold on what Jesus promises? Especially as believers, what do we do when we feel the sickness of everyday life take over? We get distracted by what the world feeds us in our jobs, media, or through other people. So many voices beat into our minds that we get distracted and lose sight of the perfect healer that is at reach and has an ear so attentive it cannot be put into words.

We need to push forward to strengthen our relationship with Jesus. We have sickness inside of us in the form of sin. Although Jesus has taken our sins away, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with our lives. It is because we are not completely relying on Jesus when distractions arise and voices give us false perspectives and shake our trust in God. Let us take it to the cross of Jesus, because he has shown that He heals many. God’s promises never fail and we need to lean into this reality. We have to know, especially as believers that with a simple touch of Jesus’ ultimate truth, miracles happen and restoration can come into our hearts.